The Pack Mom Daily Bite- Lost Dogs

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Veronica and Our Friend Rozzie-Returned Home Safely


As I peck away on my keyboard, I am not really sure that I should be sharing what I am about to share.  But, try as I might to write about Military Working Dogs, my mind is utterly distracted with the lost dogs, stray cats and pets needing to be rehomed in my neighborhood over the past 10 days.

Pack Moms, these two weeks have been filled with so manyof these cases that it has become my second full time job.  Of course, all of these lost animals had no microchip or collar.  Why?!?  And, only two have been returned home.

I won’t go into detail about every situation, but a few are definitely worth a share.

The Pack Mom Daily Bite- Lost Dogs

Lost Cat on Davis Islands- Hanging Out with the Ladies at the Ronald McDonald House

One lost dog was found by my friend Veronica, who owns a pet sitting business.  After one of her daily dog walks she saw a dog almost get hit by a delivery truck.  She brought the lost dog to my store and through a series of texts, we discovered who he was.  We also found out that he is constantly getting out.

He stayed with me at my store all afternoon and then was picked up by another neighbor (not his owner) and taken home.  His owner has yet to call me to say thank you (not necessary, but have to admit, a bit surprising).  After work, I stopped by the dog’s house to check on him and his owner didn’t even darken her door.  She let me talk to her 11 year old son.  What?!?

Boo Boo- Lost for Two Weeks- Up for Adoption

Last week, a guy had his daughter come by my store with a lost dog.  She said “we found this dog and my dad said I could drop him off here.”  My husband explained that we couldn’t keep the dog and gave her tips on how to find the owner.  She walked out of our store and left the dog alone on the sidewalk in front of my store without a leash.  She and her dad drove away.

When I saw the dog, I had an idea of where he lived so I knocked on the door and YES I guessed correctly.  Thank goodness.  Again, no collar, no thank you, no nothin’ (double negative is intentional).

Then, there is the other set of pets needing to be rehomed.  One dog was adopted at the SPCA one month ago.  The SPCA told this family that the dog was good with older children.  Apparently, she is not a good fit for the household, therefore, being rehomed.

Yesterday, I found out about a girl I know who is married, has owned two dogs for 8 years and about three years ago had a baby.  She couldn’t “take” the dogs anymore and recently rehomed one of them.  Really, after 8 years?  This poor dog, a maltipoo, had been with his new family for two short weeks when they let him go off leash in a park yesterday and he ran away.  UGH!

Pepper- Needs a Child Free Forever Home

Sorry for the rant.  I know you all are stellar pet moms or you wouldn’t be reading my crazy blog to begin with.  I also know that many of you are involved in pet rescue and you hear and live these stories everyday.

Please spread the word:  microchip, register the pet’s microchip and/or i.d. tag the pet.  And, pets are family!  Please think twice about rehoming and if you do need to rehome, please make sure it is a good, SAFE home environment with responsible pet parents.  Thanks for sharing Pack Moms!

I just pray that my blog and others give pets a better chance at remaining in safe, loving and healthy households.  That by sharing funny, inspirational or just plain helpful stories, pet moms will breathe a sigh of relief and give it their best shot for another day.

I am writing an interesting story on Military Working Dogs and will post in the next couple of days…I promise!


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