The Pack Mom Daily Bite: Tips for a Successful Take Your Dog to Work Day

June 17, 2013 | By More

Friday, June 21 is National Take Your Dog to Work Day and thousands of dogs across the country will head to the office.  Pet owners have officially celebrated Take Your Dog to Work Day since 1999, when Pet Sitters International created the holiday with the goal of celebrating the human-canine bond and to promote pet adoption.

Employers are encouraged to open their doors on this special day and welcome their employees and their four legged companions.  Results of a recent poll by and showed that 66% of dog owners would work longer hours and 32% said they would take a pay cut if they could take their pet to work.  70% of respondents said that a dog-friendly work environment is an important benefit.  Other studies have shown that dogs in the workplace reduce stress from pet owners and non pet owners alike.

Is your employer jumping on board this year?  Are you planning to take your dog to work on June 21?  If so, your dog probably should harness a few etiquette skills prior to making his way to work.

Etiquette Skills:

1.  Polite introductions- NO JUMPING

2.  Sit/Lay down

3.  Stay

4.  Settle

5.  Proper leash skills- NO PULLING

If your dog has mastered all of the above, here are a few items you might want to take with you:

1.  Dog bed

2.  High value treats

3.  Water bowl

4.  Leash/collar

5.  Favorite toy

6.  Baby gate


Your pet just not ready socially to join you at work this year?  Well then, it is something you can strive for in 2014!  Safely work on his/her socialization skills by practicing his manners in public spaces and consider a training class.

I’d love to see pictures and read stories about your experience with Take Your Dog to Work Day!  Please send our way!



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