The Power of the Dog Pack- Maggie May Makes Three

April 21, 2013 | By More

Dog Pack- Maggie May

My parents come to visit often. They live just over an hour away, but it is far enough that when in town, they spend a couple of days. With them comes their 9lb dachshund, Maggie May, and all of her gear. This dog is so precious, so sweet and so SMALL! My Chico looks huge next to Maggie May. And my Abe…well, he looks like a giant from another planet. They are one funny looking dog pack.

Because of Maggie’s size, during her visits she is kept separated from my two guys. Why? Well, Chico is so afraid of other dogs that he acts out sometimes. And Abe doesn’t love other dogs taking his toys or bouncing all over him- both activities Maggie May enjoys doing with other dogs. My parents adore this dog, so I am extra careful (insert neurotic).

The past few times however, we have done more than walk them as a pack. We have slowly let them off leash in the backyard together and have taken baby steps in letting them roam freely in the house together too.

It has taken a long time but we have made it and this weekend marked success! The three amigos spent much time together in and out doors. They did have their own space for meal times (both their meals and ours). And when they were home alone, they were separated as well.

You are getting to know me by now…so you know this process has taken a long long time….like two years. If Maggie were mine, the time frame would have been much abbreviated. But she is not mine and not around all of the time…so we had to work with what we had and ALL of the various human personalities involved (wink, wink).

Sebastian and Maggie- Dog Pack

I am happy with where we are. Dogs do eventually figure out the hierarchy of their pack and how to behave within it. It is a fascinating thing to watch happen….and of course to lead. The dogs know that I am in charge and within the canine order it goes Abe, Chico then Maggie. They are one motley crew, I promise you. And if you look up the definition of Motley Crew in Wikepedia it says: “a cliche for a roughly organized group of characters.”

Yes! This is exactly our pack!

Did I mention that my son adores Maggie? And, between you and me, I think Chico has a crush on her. 😉

Who makes up your motley crew?

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