Yesterday’s Update: Cameras, Cooking and Favorite Cat Tuna

April 19, 2013 | By More

Yesterday’s Update

Yesterday we started the day filming for I had help from a few canines to make the segments fun and c-r-a-z-y to shoot! Abe, Chico, Sierra and Teddy. Abe got into the garbage, Chico barked his butt off, Sierra ingested a toy and we had to induce vomitting and Teddy…was perfect 🙂

Our topics covered everything from single coated dogs to dog bath recipes for skunk spray! Funny! Big thanks to Jeff our videographer. He had so much patience with all four leggers and two leggers during our five hours of filming!

Abe and Chico got the new bowls pictured above for being “stars” and have been feasting on their mom’s cooking. Chicken and brown rice, cocounut oil, blueberries and carrots! Are they spoiled?

Oh, and Abe got a prop we used in the segments. A new ball by Cycle Dog. He hasn’t let it out of his site in 24 hours.

We ended our busy day with a walk and my neighbors dog Bryson and cat Tuna (who thinks he is a dog) were staring at us from their front door. Too cute!!

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