The Squeaky Wheel Gets More Treats

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Who is your squeaky wheel Pack Moms? Who is the canine or feline in your household that makes the most noise and let’s face it, usually gets the most attention? In my household, it’s a five letter word. C-H-I-C-O. Chico. Just his name makes me laugh.

He limped into my world just over two years ago, staring at me through leery eyes. I had no idea then that he would become a part of my family and certainly didn’t know he would be our comic relief. Or as my husband would say…..well, he has a lot to say about Chico.

Chico is a barker. In this effort he is constant. He barks at dogs, people and things he thinks he sees outside of our window. He barks at sounds we don’t hear but he does due to his supersonic bat like ears. And when he is in our back yard….neighbors beware…he will bark at their every move.

When my toddler is sitting in his high chair throne, Chico is by his side, whining ever so slightly for whatever scraps King Sebastian might toss his way. Sometimes the whine is not so slight however and becomes a high pitched squeal partnered by a jump you just wouldn’t believe. His head clears the top of the dining room table. And, this from a Chihuahua mix who has no ball in his right hind leg hip socket!

My Pack

It is not easy to clean Chico’s ears. Yes, I have to resort to using muzzle to do that most of the time. He can sniff out a pill in almost anything. So, medication time means a jackpot of various treats until I find something that he just swallows and doesn’t perform surgery to excavate the pill.

So, in fact, Chico is my squeaky wheel. And yes, I am working to give this wheel a bit of grease so it isn’t quite as LOUD. But, I love him. And that is a fact. He is my little 17lb partner in crime who brings extra music to my life…albeit a cacophony…and he is here to stay.


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