Easter Baskets for Your Four Leggers

March 30, 2013 | By More


Tomorrow is Easter!  I am scrambling to get everyone’s Easter Baskets made, there are special treats all over the house and my dogs’ noses are working overtime!  Are you ready?

If you want to  fun Easter Baskets for your pets, here are a few recommendations:

1.  Forego plastic grass!   Rather, line your pet’s basket with tissue paper or even loose treats….just don’t let your dog eat too many at one time!  We like Health Bars by Blue Buffalo.  They are all natural, baked treats that will work well to line a pet basket!  They also look like shortbread tea cookies.   Super cute!

2.  Turn Smelly Fido into Fragrant Fido!  Add a between bath spritz to his basket.  We love U. Smelly Dog Eau de Toilet by Mutt Nose Best.  And are long time favorite, Mediterranean Magic by EarthBath!


3.  Toys!  If your dog is tough on toys like my Abe, your safest bet is to go with a Planet Dog toy like the SOL or a West Paw Zisc.  If your dog is gentle on his babies like my Chico, then go for a super soft yet durable puzzle toy by Kyjen!

4.  For the On the Go dog, a new leash might be in order.  We like all leashes by Ruff Wear and we love the Quantum leash by Kurgo!  See our last post on recommended leashes.

5.  Baking for your dogs?  Carob is a safe alternative to chocolate and here is my recipe for Bow Wow Brownies!  Or, if you want to boost your dog’s system with a few super foods, try these Pumpkin Cranberry Muffins by Your Dog’s Diner!  Ane and Chico had these recently and had drool all over my kitchen!


Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy your pets!!



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