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The Armstrongs are the most interesting family I have met in a long time.  Their business, Armstrong’s Cricket Farm, has led the cricket market since the 1940’s.  Starting with crickets as fish food, then moving into diets for reptiles and amphibians and now tapping into the organic and human consumption market, Armstrong’s Cricket Farm is a company to watch.  And, I am so happy to have met them at this year’s Global Pet Expo.

What makes Armstrong’s crickets better for your reptile or amphibian than others on the market?  Well, they raise the Acheta domesticus, or the brown cricket, which is the right color for fish bait, has the appropriate shell strength for amphibians and reptiles and jumps at a rate of speed that seem to keep these creatures interested.

Now, companies are purchasing Armstrong’s crickets and turning them into powder to make food for humans.  Yes, you read that correctly. Crickets are being used as the protein source in power bars not to mention as a chocolate covered delicacy.  Wowzers!

Armstrong's Cricket Farm

High in clean protein and good for the environment (it takes a lot less water to raise a cricket than to raise a chicken or a cow) crickets just might be the next “big thing.”

Fun family and unique concept!  If you have a reptile or amphibian in your pack, make sure to look for Armstrong’s Cricket Farm at your local pet supplier.   And if you are an athlete, you might just begin to see cricket power bars on the shelves!

Congratulations Armstrong family and thank you for spending time with me at the Global Pet Expo!


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