Celebrate Earth Day- Green Your Pet’s Environment

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Earth Day.  A day to consider how we interact with our world and the measures we take to save the environment.  I admit, until a few years ago, I was a very poor recycler.  Now, though, I am proud of my little family and our attempt to sort and throw away in the appropriate bins.

Earth Day

How about our pets?  With over 83 million dogs and 95 million cats owned in the U.S. today, consumer pet spending is at an all time high.  Over 55 billion dollars spent on pets in 2013 to be exact.  Wow!  We can green our pet’s environment and here are a few ways to do so:

Reduce–  we can all certainly reduce what we  purchase and use.  Easy example, cat litter.  Many brands on the market today offer litter from sustainable, renewable resources such as pine, wheat or even the inside of walnut shells.  Other manufacturers have figured out how to make litter last longer. For example, Simple Solution cat litter, uses a different type of absorbent clay which you don’t have to scoop (urine) for 30 days.

Reuse– or repurpose products you have in your own home to DIY a few pet products.  Dog shampoo?  An oatmeal bath?  Or, a new toy?  You can do all of this with products you have at home.  Click on the links above to find out how.

Recycle– An easy and important way to recycle is to do so with all of your pet food bags and cans.  But, did you know that both pet hair and dry pet food are compostable?  I didn’t either, but they are!  Hair is full of nitrogen which is great for composting.  Also, pet hair is used to clean up oil spills, for crafting projects and birds use it to build their nests. Who knew?

Cycle Dog Collar made out of used bicycle tires

Cycle Dog Collar made out of used bicycle tires

Additionally, companies are now making pet toys and collars out of recycled products and offering to take back used toys to put through the recycling process again!  Now, that is a major step towards reducing fido’s carbon paw print!

It has never been easier to care for our pets without compromising the environment.  Do you strive to green your pet’s environment?

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