Happy Birthday Chico

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A little over three years ago, a very intoxicated man walked into my store with an obese, angry chihuahua on the other end of the leash.  He said that he found this Chihuahua tied to a fence at our neighborhood baseball field.  Ugh.  If you only knew how many people come in to my store with a “found” dog.  I seriously could have over 100 by now if I let them use my store as repository.

On that day though, I was in a different frame of mind.  It happened to be the coldest day Tampa, FL had experienced in years and I was very pregnant (hormonal) so I quickly said I would keep him until I found a home.

After fliers were placed all over the community and I gave a very lame attempt at taking Chico to a few rescue events (let’s face it, I was in love with his little face!) his former owner surfaced.  Shock!  But, after a few visits with Chico and conversations with me, we all decided (Chico too) that the best place for him was with my family.  You see, Chico’s mom of six and a half years had died suddenly of cancer and he was left with her brother.  Not the best situation for Chico.

So, here we are, three years later, and it seems as if this little guy has been with us all along.  Sometimes the stars align and show us what is destined to be and WHO is destined to be.  In this case, Chico was to complete our pack.  And he has.

Happy Birthday little one!

chicos birthday 2014



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