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Five star hotels, beauty treatments, gourmet cuisine and yes, even yoga are not reserved for the two legged anymore.  Dogs(and cats too)  are enjoying the finer things in life.  They are the golden children of social media and the authors of popular blogs. They are vacationing all over the world and if they haven’t claimed all of our furniture, they just might have their own matching set.  Our pets have never had it so good. They are truly an integral part of our family. So, how do you pamper your pet in style?

pamper your pet

I must admit, my family is not as outrageous as what I just wrote above.  Our furkids eat the healthiest food, have comfortable beds, travel when possible and receive unconditional love.  My guys love going on their power walks and are maniacal over treats, especially carrots and whatever happens to fly off of my son’s high chair.  They make  t.v. appearances regularly and  hang out at our natural pet market when they can fit it into their busy schedules.  Life is good for Abe and Chico.

pamper your pets

Five ways to pamper your pet:

1.  Quality bedding– A good rule of thumb when it comes to pet beds:  if you kneel on the bed and feel a layer of protection between your knees and the ground, it is a better bed and worth the extra money.  Make sure it is washable with easy to clean fabric.

2.  Pet portraits– Send a good photo of your pet to a local artist and have them transform it into a portrait for your wall.  We recently sent in pictures of our boys to Canvas World and had them blown up on canvas.  That was our Merry Christmas gift!

pamper your pets

3.  Gourmet bakery treats– not a low calorie option but a way to celebrate a special occasion.  I especially like Preppy Puppy Bakery Treats and so do the dogs (and the  toddler) in my pack.

4.  Pet massage– is easy to learn.  You can learn the basics online.  Massage can have many therapeutic qualities and benefits for your pet.  Not to mention, the bond it fosters between you and your four legged child.

5.  Your time– this is what our pets want.  Time is invaluable.  Give them a new experience every now and again.  Even just changing your walk route or adding another round of play a day will render you many more licks and tail wags!  At least it does in my family!

How do you pamper your pet?



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