JJ The American Street Dog- The Pack Mom Review

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JJ The American Street Dog

JJ The American Street Dog is a children’s book teaching the importance of pet rescue, written by Diane Rose-Solomon.  Diane asked me to review her book a few weeks ago and I gladly accepted.  You see, my pack has one toddler and two rescue dogs, one of them with a very similar story to JJ The American Street Dog. We have already read it several times.  All of us.  The dogs too.

I found this beautifully illustrated book to be an important educational tool for children AND adults,  a wonderful fit for my family and a match for The Pack Mom mission- to keep pets in loving homes by making life for pet parents easier.

The story starts out with a little girl named Maya pining  for a dog.  She explains that she has wanted a dog her entire life and even dreams all things dog- little ones, big ones, spotted all over ones, floppy eared and even pink dogs.

JJ The American Street DogJJ The American Street Dog is filled with teachable moments.  If you have children, you can certainly explore one topic a night for at least a week or two.  The first lesson appears on page five (really the second readable page) and it involves the family cat.  Maya has a cat named Kasey, which sleeps in her room, and the author explains that cats are different from dogs, not better or worse, just different.  Oh, yes they are!

Maya’s parents plan to purchase a dog but before they do, Maya’s uncle Jerry finds a puppy rummaging through the garbage at a soccer field.  Maya’s parents agree to take the dog in until the owner could be found.  They name the puppy JJ, give him a much needed scrub a dub dub, get him thoroughly checked out at the veterinarian and most importantly, introduce him to Kasey the cat.

Maya’s family fliers the neighborhood looking for JJ’s owner but all the while are falling head over heals for the fluffy puppy with golden fur and floppy ears.  I won’t tell you how this story ends because I encourage you to take a read or purchase the book as a gift.

Lessons from JJ The American Street Dog:

1.  Differences between cats and dogs

2.  Responsible pet ownership

3.  How to find the owner of a lost pet

4.  New pet necessities

5.  Dog and cat introductions

6.  Common health issues in adopted pets

7.  The vet visit

8.  The importance of adoption

9.  Saving a life

10.  The bond between children and pets

JJ The American Street Dog

JJ The American Street dog is a wonderful book to read with your children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews.  It will create a deeper bond between you, teach them valuable life lessons and hopefully save the life of a pet down the road!

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Four paws up for JJ The American Street Dog!  Officially Pack Mom Approved!




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