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Supplements for Dogs

My distinguished gentlemen, my furkids, Abe and Chico are nine years old.  Abe had surgery on his CCL (Cranial Cruciate Ligament) in 2012 and little man Chico was apparently born without a ball in his right hind leg hip socket!  That or it degenerated over time.  Geez. So, between the two of them, we have arthritis pain and interesting gaits around our house.   I have tried supplements for dogs on and off through the years and admittedly, have jumped around quite a bit.  Recently though, I tried Licks for Dogs Joint + Heart and just placed a second order!

zuke's mini naturals

I have to say, this is the first supplement to be Pack Mom Approved because I have truly noticed a difference in both of my furs.  Abe is able to get around much better after a round of energetic fetch.  He can rise from a laying down position with much more ease and he has much less of a limp!  Let’s talk about Chico.  Chico is JUMPING on the couch.  Ummm…that has never happened before and although, encouraged by me, is something my husband wishes had never started 🙂

How do I use it?  I just rip open the packet and pour it over their food.  They love it.  My son loves squeezing it too; so it is now a pack activity 🙂  I started out using more than required with each dog so it would really get into their system.  And now, we are backing down to the recommended dosage.  I noticed a difference in just two weeks.

The Licks for Dogs Joint + Heart is made up of Omega 3, Vitamin E and Glucosamine.  Since it is in liquid form, the absorption rate is around 98%.  And, as I stated before, my dogs LOVE Licks for Dogs!

Now, I am sure I will have to use something stronger as my dogs age, but Licks supplements for dogs has become an important part of our daily routine and has made a difference.

If you remember hearing their name before it might be because we found Licks for Dogs at the Global Pet Expo in February:

and we Pack Mom Profiled Amy Paris, founder of Licks, in March!


Oh, one more thing.  I used Licks for Dogs Zen with Chico on his last vet visit.  I am proud to say that the vet techs noted a positive difference in his behavior!  Yay!


Do you use supplements with your dogs?  If so, which brands work for your pack?

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