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Yoga mats.  Although mine has been relegated to my two year old’s bedroom floor and serves as my place of rest  in the wee hours of the morning, it has been part of a fair amount of yoga classes and at home workouts.  Someone else in my house uses my mat too.  Abe Fadal.  He loves it.  I can’t even leave my mat for a minute and his furry behind is laying on it.  He needs his own yoga mat for dogs.

At this year’s Total Pet Expo, the DogiMat caught our eye, mainly because of Abe and his penchant for a little downward dog.  Co-founders Brandon and Brittany were inspired to design a dog bed that was comfortable and contained no stuffing. Why?   Their dog, a Dogo Argentino, loved to deconstruct every new bed they brought home for him, but didn’t destroy their yoga mats.  Sound familiar?

yoga mat for dogs

Their company, Downward Dogi Pet Co., makes three products:  the DogiMat, the CoziMat and the DogiThrow.  Or in laymen’s terms: a yoga mat for dogs, a cushy mat cover and an amazingly soft throw blanket.  The bed is thicker than your average yoga mat which will provide support for your dog’s joints and the bed cover and blanket will make life that much more snuggly.

Yoga Mat for Dogs

We liked this product because of its simplicity.  It makes a lot of sense if you have a dog that likes to de-stuff beds (Abe has done this more than once) or if you just want another comfortable mat for your dog to lounge on in your home.

It is also easy to clean, lightweight and makes traveling with a dog bed no problem at all!

yoga mat for dogs

DogiMat is so new that it hasn’t hit stores yet.  Stay tuned though.  We will let you know when and where!


And remember, the DogiMat wasn’t made to make your dog start practicing Doga (although he might 🙂 ) but it is simply a comfy mat for him to catch a few more zzz’s.  Like there needs to be another excuse 🙂


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